Good to meet you

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to chase the sun. I love to play with natural light and finding the in-between, candid moments that tell your love story. My style is often referred to as airy, whimsy, photojournalistic with a touch of classic. I make photographs simply because I love to. I love fruit, yoga, crosswords, long walks (not just on the beach), sports, my little dog Michael Jackson the Furst (yes, that's his real name), and my beautiful husband, Joel. I travel to meet people, indulge in flavors (your girl loves to eat), learn languages (i love connecting with people in their native tongue), see the amazing earth (oh my) and to always say YES to adventure (always). I call NYC & LA home and love to be a nomad - your destination is never to far. For current rates and locations or to schedule a session, please contact me at or fill out the contact form. I would love to be your friend-ographer. 


An avid workout-aholic that also loves to sit and read. Animal lover with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Loves creating, learning, and dreaming during the day and night. 


6'2" teddy bear. Loves journaling and kickboxing and any activity in which he can feel the wind in his hair, especially motorcycling and skydiving. Picked up the guitar at age 12 and you can't get it out of his hands. Loves all genuine expressions of art and people. 

Michael Jackson the Furst

Part terrier, part whatever was in the neighborhood that day. 6lbs of awesome. I was found in the street when my mom was in college and I have never left her side. I also enjoy long walks and I love to eat all of my vegetables, preferably covered in peanut butter.