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iceland countryside

A place at times I didn’t think I was still on planet earth, but then the sudden realization that THIS IS (ACTUALLY) MOTHER EARTH. The beauty in the vastness, the seemingly peacefulness of it’s wanderers, the striking colors, and the several moments where I found myself in places and moments where I’d have only a few minutes to make my escape before imminent danger was upon me (yah, I’m looking at you shifting tectonic plates while snorkeling and active volcanos while I’m glacier trekking). Iceland in spring can be summed up into this: a place I have never been so cold and so hot within a matter of moments; a place I have never wanted my sunglasses so badly, or a coverall arctic extreme suit to go over my already 7 layers of NYC style winter clothes (sorry LA, your layering situation doesn’t cut it outside of LA). I had the fortunate experience of tagging along on a FAM trip with some friends who plan incredible trips, none other than the adventurers at Smart Flyer. We were hosted by the incredible outfitters, Nordic Luxury who pulled out all of the stops to make our stay not only incredible, but extremely memorable.

icelandic horseiceland countrysideiceland countryside waterfalliceland countrysidetectonic platesicelandic horse

We had a jam packed 5 days and 4 nights complete with snowmobiling on a glacier during an intense snowstorm, the drive getting up there through immeasurable snow (we deflated the tires just to get through it!) was also incredible, We dunebuggied through mountains and rivers, glacier trekked, cozied up in a beautiful scandinavian home – the river out back was heated water from the nearby hot springs, snorkeled through active tectonic plates (where the eurasian tectonic plate meets the north american tectonic plate creating the mid atlantic ridge. also – I have NEVER been so cold in my life – we had on many layers and a dry suit and I was still frozen. also, not so easy when you need to use the restroom…), drank real glacial water while trekking, horseback riding, blue lagoon, visited many beautiful places to stay and view the northern lights (had they been out for a show), all topped off with a helicopter ride over Reykjavik and surrounding areas.

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images shot on contax 645, contax g2, iPhone, and fuji x100t.

fun art: apple billboards – shot on iPhone 6 campaign


Apple selected my photo for the current shot on iPhone billboard campaign!

if you happen to be in the listed areas and want to send a little snap of the billboards it will be MUCH appreciated…

AU – Sydney – Oxford St. Paddington (outbound)
CH – Zurich – Pfingweidstrasse
CN – Dalian – Hua Yang Mansion
CN – Shenyang – Jiang Su Hotel Billboard
DE – Hamburg – Big Banner Station
IT – Milan – Vip Prima Pagina Viale Ripamonti 211
UK – London – Neal Street

head over here to check out the art shop – or if you want a print, send me a message!

apple billboard campaign colors, shot on iPhone6s


I am truly thankful for the road my life has taken me and all of the adventures that have filled my days.

Enter here for the gallery.  please send me an email through the contact form if you would like a print or an art piece.

available for commission worldwide.

taj mahal - leila brewster fine art


probably one of the cutest kids ever. so much energy.

had a great time hanging out with this lovely family while I was in Costa Rica.

costa rica family photographermodern poolhome details: pool and a hammockbeach ball in a poolmom dad and baby photographfamily playing with dogs at their home in costa ricaluka playing in the yardluka playing with a blue bouncy ballluka and his mamaluka and his mom playing with a ballluka and family playing on the porchluka playing in the rain in costa ricaluka and his petsboy playing with water and a cup